More relief with Light!

Besides positive effect on mood, the presence of light are important in creating an atmosphere of space. Go into a dark room, and then you move on to a bright room. Despite extensive two spaces together, the difference would be felt.

The rooms were light by light it feels more spacious. Instead, lusterless dark room exudes the impression of confined and cramped.

Light was instrumental in creating the impression of space. Moreover, if the light is natural light that will make the space not only relieved, but also healthy.

However, presenting bright light not only mean installing more lights. There are a few tricks to make room in the house with the lights still bright as follows:

Use a large mirror

You could put a large mirror on one wall of the room. In effect, this mirror is not only expanding, but also reflecting all the light it receives. The room was transformed lighter without the presence of artificial light.

Luster paint color

Paint the walls with shiny paint type also affects the presence of light. The paint is not shiny or matte will absorb light. In contrast to the gloss paint, use it on the walls of your home will reflect light. For that, choose bright colors for the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Stacks of goods

Remove all clutter and make sure you only use the furniture essentials at home. Excess piles of stuff just leads to a lot of shadows and make the room seem darker. Compile items neatly really help you create more light unimpeded into the room.

Glass doors

Another way to do this is to use glass as the material of the door. With this technique, the light from the room is passed to the door, so space is not only supplied with light from the windows, but also from the door itself.


Inviting incoming light can also do from the roof through the installation of skylights. There is only enough to replace a few tiles with transparent tiles models, including the ceiling. That way, sunlight can directly “see-through” and illuminates the room. In fact, the light is able menelusup windowless rooms!

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