Cultivating Invisible Partitions

Giving baffle in a small house can be impressive-insulated bulkhead, cramped and uncomfortable, if the installation is not correct. Whereas, on the other hand you need privacy in certain rooms.

To fix this, you can choose opaque partition that does not constrict the space, but still be able to limit the privacy of two rooms each. Translucent partitions are designed with the primary goal to get two separate rooms, but still feels visually the two rooms together. Physically, you’ve got two separate rooms so that activity in one room will not disrupt the activities of the space next to it.

Architects and interior designers Prima Haris Nuryawan describe four partitions translucent design ideas you can apply in occupancy. Consider these four ideas:

Bamboo partition

Now, pieces of bamboo for the interior are mostly found in the market. Pick a few bamboo sticks with the same diameter, vertically stacking within a certain distance, for example, about 30 centimeters in a row. Rows of bamboo has become a marker separating the two rooms, but keep them together visually. Rows of bamboo does not require additional other decorations.

Partition fabric

However, if you want another partition more “soft” than a row of bamboo, you can try using a piece of cloth that you can make yourself by choosing colorful fabric as wide as 7-10 inches. Then, attach the fabric is lined up in a vertical position.

Fabrics can be combined in a tilted position to the left or to the right in order to feel more dynamic and not monotonous. You will see these partitions become part decoration of the room, but does not feel like the walls of the two spaces is firmly divider.

Partition acrylic

Often the bamboo partition or feeling the fabric leaving a strictly limiting fields eyes. However, if you want a visual is not limited by a particular object, you can choose a piece of clear acrylic colorful arranged with the cable sling and combined one another.

Feel the difference after you use this type of partition. Impression of the two spaces together will feel very well, so did visually.

Japanese-style partition

Alternative partitioning, you can “cheat” partition style Japanese house. There, many people use it very lightly to insulate the room. Impression of light becomes important in a small house for the tiny space will still feel more spacious and comfortable, as well as larger than actual size.

Additionally, if you multiply the white area in the room will help broaden the impression of space.

Good luck!

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