Tiny Occupancy Coloring Tricks

Space limited size sometimes makes awry homeowners to determine the color of the house and its alloys. Although there are no restrictions, but the use of color in the narrow space character must be known.

In practice, there are several considerations to apply the color to a tiny dwelling. This is related to the impression that going to be raised, whether hot, cool, or cold. For example, white and yellow colors will impress the room a more spacious than brown or gray. The red color will give the impression of hot, cool shades of green, blue and cold memorable.

Color alone can be categorized into three, namely the cool colors, warm, and neutral. Cool colors are the colors that result from blue, green, purple, and silver. With these colors will create a feeling of calm. Warm colors have the effect of passion to the viewer. Which includes the color red, pink, yellow, orange, purple and gold. Meanwhile, neutral colors such as brown, ivory, gray, white, and black for the background of a design.

For small residential coloring, choose a bright color or younger. The brighter it will give the impression of more space. Combine colors in accordance with the harmonization of space. And leave a little contrasting color on one side of the wall to eliminate the impression of monotony.

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