Rather it working Kitchen Appliances

Want to make your house look more fresh and neat? Begin to clean and organize the space to make it more beautiful. However, must not dispose of the old stuff, especially coming from your kitchen. You do not have to buy new stuff to impress and a new look at home. In addition to saving, you can create and change the old stuff in the kitchen to be a decent thing to that is not less interesting.

Consider just recycling tips kitchen appliances creation of Club Nova Erwin Kuditawati following:

1. Beautiful cups
Gorgeous mug collection is still displayed a sweet old in the closet? Although I can not use anymore, because there is a part that is damaged, your pretty mug can serve as a container candle.

Collect your old cups, wash, clean cloth, then dry. Stick to wick yarn ball into the cup. The end of the string tied to a stick, and put it in the cup. Make sure the wick is in the center of the cup. Melt the wax, can also be added with a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy, pour it into the cup before, and freeze. Remove the string tied around wooden trim. Well, you just turn a cup marks a beautiful mug with wax.

2. Cutting
Favorite wooden cutting board in the kitchen was still functioning, but the color fades makes you hesitate to use it? Should not be discarded, you can use it as a wall decoration multifunctional.

Wash and brush your old cutting board, then drying in the sun to dry. Attach patterned tissue paper on the cutting board and use a technique servietten. To make the technique servietten, prepare scissors, patterned paper, glue and wood cutting board. Scissors and exfoliate motif in tissue paper and take part patterned only to be attached on the chopping block. After that, attach the tissue on the surface of the cutting board, press it gently so that no air is left in the tissue. Do it carefully so as not to tear tissue. Spread glue on paper towels and let it dry. Perform this technique for the choice of motifs or images on any other tissue. You like to make creative pieces of paste on the chopping block.

This beautiful cutting board not only serves as a wall decoration. Plug in some small spikes on the chopping block, cutting board and hanging on the wall gorgeous. You can hang keys, aprons, or other kitchen appliances in this beautiful cutting board.

3. Dimsum steamer
You like to cook dim sum? former cook dimsum steamer can be reused as a container storing garlic, shallots or onions. Add your creativity in a container of onions this dimsum steamer. For example, by painting the steamer with favorite colors.

4. Cake stand
Do not just store the cake stand in the closet. If it is not in use anymore, you can move the cake stand in the kitchen to be used as a container of olive oil, pepper powder, salt, sauce, soy sauce or other complementary herbs. arrange neat seasoning and place on cake stand.

5. Mica Cup
Cup mica former margarine containers you can use again. At once you can reduce plastic waste is not it? Rinse cup mica, then dry. This former mica Cup you can use as ice-cube. Freezer would be neat because ice mold of mica can be stacked if the ice is frozen.

6. Container of salad dressing
Former store salad dressing container is made of thick plastic and the lid can be used again meeting. Use this former container to store chili sauce or fried onions in preparation for a trip to the office or away.

7. Jam jar
Rather functioned jam jar that has been unused. Clean the labels on jam jars with water marks. Use containers made of glass former to save pepper, coriander already roasted, sour kandis and others. Keep tabs on any seasonings that are stored in the container. Seasonings be durable if kept properly like this.

8. Syrup bottles, ketchup or sauce
Painting syrup bottles, ketchup or sauce with glass paint. Express your creativity in glass bottles. Fill the bottle with water and add some flowers. Now, you have a beautiful vase own creations. Suitable for decorate your dining table.

Good luck.

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