Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen designs come in different shapes, colors, and functional needs of its own functions. There is a simple kitchen, complicated, colorful and different sizes. Some would like a large kitchen, some of which would instead prefer the small size of the kitchen.

Here are 5 advice to those who want to have a kitchen that is practical and at the same time suits:

1. Size kitchen
Big is not necessarily good. As such importance on practicality characteristics and cooking facilities. Large kitchen can make the room very comfortable, but problems may arise when cooking because food materials may be far in the cooking area. The kitchen is very spacious and require great care because without proper care, the kitchen will look messy.

2. Cabinet
There are many forms of cabinets made of various kinds of material such as wood or nyatuh, cengal, teak, solid wood, etc and the price of each cabinet depends on the type of material used. There is a built in open cabinet (without a door) and there is a lot that is designed as a closed. Closing mechanism and open the cabinet are also offered by a variety of technologies, whether from within or outside the state.

If your budget is the category average (RM5, 000) or high (RM10, 000), take some time to visit some kitchen designers to see price and cabinet design that can be offered by designers.
Some designers offer services in software draws specific cabinet design in three dimensions to be seen and evaluated by the homeowner.

Depending on the size of the kitchen, the overall size of the cabinet can be changed to change. If you have a lot of groceries or plan to buy a lot of hardware for the kitchen cabinet affirm that you need a wide space.

3. Dry kitchen and wet kitchen
Many people now prefer to divide their kitchen trends to dry kitchen and wet kitchen. Dry kitchen often is the area where the activity more cooking activities involve simple dishes like frying eggs or sausage while wet kitchen cooking devoted to activities that require a relatively heavy cleaning. Wet kitchen also often produce a relatively strong odor.

But have both dry and wet kitchen is not necessarily a must, but Chef Wan, an expert chef himself had only had only a dry kitchen. He can cook any type of kitchen dishes dry because the kitchen is equipped with odor-absorbing hood and divert to another place.

4. Island unit or ‘island’
Those who love cooking shows have certainly noticed many of the chefs who cook on TV using island unit or ‘island’. Unlike most kitchen always facing a wall of windows, island unit allows others to see the action we are cooking and makes cooking more fun activities.

If you are a skilled cook and frequented by guests who want to learn something from you, chances are you need this island unit. However, this island units sometimes come with an expensive price, especially unit using ‘table top’ quality as granite and quartz stone. Check the price of some designer kitchen and make comparisons before making any decisions.

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