Maybe Getting the Best Deals Comes from What You Learned As a Child

Cheap Car Insurance Adverts 267x300 Making funny car insurance advertsI remember when i was a kid my friends poking fun at me for taking my mom’s advice to heart in all things. She was especially savvy at financial things. She made it so four kids had clothes, food, healthcare and a nice place to live. Dad passed away young. It was about the time I was just turning nine. I remember mom always negotiating for the best prices on everything including auto insurance rates. She was relentless in getting a good deal.

I remember her asking me about some money I had earned cutting grass for the neighbors. She asked me if I would rather just spend it or squeeze every ounce of value out of the money I earned. I did not know what she meant so I asked her to explain it. She told me that I could just go buy something, or I could look for the best deal. She knew I wanted a new baseball glove I saw at a sports store.

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