Nov 08

Smart tips to buy a life insurance

Do not rush to hire a life insurance. The Intelligent Subscriber manual discourages hasty decisions and choose a policy based on price alone. Remember that cheap is expensive. After all, you are buying a product. As in many other consumer plots : search and compare and if you find something better, buy it. It is important the service that provides the insurer that is selected , and so are their background and reputation.

To make effective comparisons should observe a few guidelines. First of all : make sure you compare policies that offer similar levels of coverage. A policy that is substantially cheaper may have fewer features or provide a death benefit substantially lower. The more features, options and added benefits including a policy, the more it costs. In any case, we should not forget that the more expensive policies usually leave most people commission or broker responsible for the “deal”. Do not forget that the policy that is best for your agent or broker may not be the best for you.

The payment of the amount insured is another point that should be checked accurately, it is not the same a single payment ( deliver the total amount insured ) that one of trust ( fixed payments are made partial forms ). Furthermore, attention should be paid to the possibility of changing the level of protection to the specific needs of each moment.

As to what is the best age to hire life insurance, know that the rates depend mainly on us, the insured : our lifestyle, our health … and not just the years you have. Therefore, try to engage your policy when enjoy good health and healthy habits . If you are a smoker, for example, the policy is encouraged. On this topic, also be born in mind that at the time of a life insurance contract, the company can offer the policyholder certain supplemental or additional benefits that may be appropriate even if they involve an additional fee above the premium primary insurance.